Sanitation dispensors

We are specialised for cleaning any type of watercoolers (aquamatt). This cleaning is necessary and very important thing to do. Besides to have quality water, it is good prevention before damage some part of wattercooler, too.

Recommended period for cleaning is 3-6 months.

Necessary time for cleaning is one day ( wattercooler driven away will be disassembled, professionally clean up with biological cleaner for few hours. After this it will be purge with clean water many times. Possibly damage will be repaired. This process end with assembling and next day delivery to You.)

For the time of cleaning We rent You another watercooler for FREE.
Standard price for this process is approximately 500Kč. Watercoolers (aquamatts) can be purchased in shop with Pi-water. Websites with watercoolers and their prices are

vnitrnosti-dispenzoruPicture of part watercooler (dispensor) after one year using without cleaning.
Plastic plate (in the middle) should be absolutely transparent without beige color.

necisteny-dispenzorAnd this is picture of container after one year using without cleaning.
Sides are dirty-contaminated, and green alga is appearing.